Nur Husnina Banyamin

Nur Husnina Banyamin

Clinical Dietitian, Dietetics Department

Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours)

Nur Husnina Banyamin, She is our clinical dietitian.Behind her polite and soft-spoken figure, she is a dedicated dietitian who focuses on satisfying clients’ need in nutrition and dietetics counselling. She is a member of Malaysian Dietitian’s Associations with compromising clinical and dietetics skills.

Graduated from one of the prestigious universities in Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has mould her into an enthusiastic dietitian. Apart of that, making her clients delightful and comfortable with her counselling is always her best expertise. Her professionalism and hospitality has proven to win client’s trust.

“I consult clients according to their conditions. I prescribe appropriate dietary management based on the diseases they have. I provide advise on nutrition and lifestyle changes to ensure an improvement in quality of life.”