In the past few years, there was a trend on ‘fat is beautiful’. In fact, there are several western countries promoting on showing fat bodies as a dancer on stage. They want to show to the world that even plus sized people can be pretty. Back in ancient time, when undernourishment becomes a crisis, big is symbolized as wealth and health.


Can fat be beautiful for real? First thing off, fat has several meanings. Adipose also fat. Fatty food. People who has excess body fat. Basically, fat/adipose are the same thing and we cannot see how it get metabolized in our body. We know fat is yellow in color. We know that fat people have lots of body fat in their body. We know when we eat fried food literally we are eating fat.


Plus, we also know the role of fat to our body and consequences of having it too much. As the matter of fact, having fat accumulation in the body especially at the abdominal area put a person at health risk.


Obesity is a global issue. Some says it is epidemic. It happens all around the world. Of course, Malaysia is not excluded. Obesity in Malaysia might not as serious as in United States of America(USA), however we have smaller population than them. With more than 20% of prevalence of obesity in Malaysia has put us in danger zone.


Obesity should not be taken as a small matter. Obesity is a major health risk. Having too much fat in the body could cause serious health complications including cancer, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Besides, in an article by World Obesity Federation, obesity is now one of the chronic diseases.

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